February 8, 2016

A Peek at Our Week: February 1 - 7

Pink and red jumpers?  Yes, please!  

It must be the first week of February!

Their little heart made me smile.

Annie wanted in on the photo action, but then she refused to look at the camera.

Dressed (in pink, naturally) and hitting the library.

Let's just say that this was a very dog-centric week.  Our sweet rescue pup is beyond timid, so we're slowly working on making her feel comfortable in her new home.  Right now she's on the fringes of everything, but we're hoping that she'll warm up even more as time goes on.

Gracie watches Annie eat some lunch.

Thuse spies on Grace who watches Annie put together puzzles.

Methinks this dog business has gone too far.

My four girls.  :)

My sister and I brought all our kiddos to our old gym!
Nothing like a high school basketball game on a Friday night.

Friday night with my sister and NO KIDS.

These girls need lots of Grandpa time.

And Grandpa time always involves ICE CREAM.

Annie loving the Braum's action.

While we were at Braum's we bumped into some old family friends that my dad has known since he was a kid.  My dad and I introduced Mrs Webb to my daughters, and she did a double take when she saw Kate.  "That one looks like Noma Mae!" said she.  

Dad and I thought it was funny that a person who had never seen my kiddos would spot a family resemblance so quickly — and a family resemblance the rest of us had never even noticed at that!  We were on our way out to my grandma's farm anyway, so we decided to investigate.  

Elizabeth Kate and Noma Mae.
Kate's eyes are much larger, but the nose, cheeks, and mouth are almost identical.

My beautiful grandmother in the 1920's.

My beautiful grandmother in 2016.

We love Granny P!

A&W on the drive back to Tulsa.

And this is what our Super Bowl Sunday looks like nowadays.  :)

A lovely week with my ladies, my hubs, my doglet, my sister, my niece and nephews, my parents, and my grandma!  It doesn't get much better than that!

February 7, 2016

Twenty Years Ago...

And just like that I entered old lady land.  If a person can tell a story that starts with "twenty years ago," that person is officially O to the L to the D.  That old person is me.

Aaaaaaand I just went off on a tangent instead of actually telling my story.  Like old people do.


Twenty years ago (there it is!) my high school basketball team qualified for the state tournament.  We are still the only team in school history to make it that far in the playoffs.  It doesn't sound like much — some schools qualify for state year in and year out — but our class was, and still is, tough.  Girls basketball in small town Oklahoma is serious business, ya'll.

That team was awesome.  Four of the girls were incredibly talented, and one of them went on to be an All American in college.  Mind you, I was a freshman.  So I never set foot on the court except in practice, and those practices were intense.  During games I sat on the bench...the far end of the bench...in my street clothes.  :)

But I was there!  Through every playoff game as my teammates scrapped their way up through the losers bracket.  And it was awesome.

I have never been so thankful to be left out of a team photo.  That hair!  Those poses!  Wow.

On Friday the whole team came back to Burns Flat to be recognized.  It was so fun to catch up with these ladies!  I had not seen several of them in almost twenty years, but it felt as though almost no time had passed.

Those pictured above are successful, focused, bright, talented, hilarious women.  I am so thankful to know them and to have made so many memories with these lifelong friends.

Basketball was a huge part of my life during high school, but my team was never this successful again.  The team also was also never as encouraging, loving, confident, and supportive again.  I am so very glad I had this time to see firsthand what true teamwork is all about.

Proud to be a Lady Eagle!

February 1, 2016

A Peek at Our Week: January 25 - 31

This week we experienced an epic bubble bath and a chaotic pet store, there was a busted lip and a fever, we had a planned visit from my sister's crew and a very unexpected houseguest on the weekend.  

You know.  Just another week with the PJ5!

Thickest foam of all time!  Annie was in heaven.

Foam clothes.
They also used the bubs to fashion muscles and nipples.

Our sweet kitty cat.
She invariably comes out to sit on our laps after the kids are in bed.

Poor Teensa.
She slipped in her footie jammies and bumped her chin on the coffee table, biting a huge gash in her lip.  It made talking and eating difficult all week long.

Momo hypochondriac.
She had a little fever on Wednesday and spent the rest of the week checking her temperature.

World's most chaotic pet store.
There were loose birds and rodents EVERYWHERE.

Sister shenanigans.

Jump for joy!  It's our cousins!

Mexican food Friday!

Take a look at those beauties!
(Referring to the drinks.  Obviously.)

Nick has a knack for ordering drinks that come in tiny, feminine glasses.
Pinkies up!

Sister Saturday!

Kate, Price, and Brennan in the backyard!

All six more or less still for the one and only time of the weekend.
God bless television.

And God bless older cousins who convince you to wear get-ups like this.

And then after church on Sunday we adopted this sweet fur baby.

Even The Thuse tolerates her.
This was simply meant to be.

And thus concludes the month of January.  We spent every single weekend in our own home, made three visits to a church that feels like home, and something inside of me suddenly felt . . . relaxed.  Peaceful.  

It's been such a great January!  

January 27, 2016

Empty Echo House

Friends, we finally bought some furniture.

After the Christmas tree came down in January, it became painfully obvious that our living room was mostly empty space.  Empty echo city.

Here's the thing.  When we moved to Oklahoma we tripled our square footage.  Our living room alone is twice the size of our English back yard.  (Crazytown.)  So our furniture that was squeezed tightly into our lounge on Kensington Ave barely takes up any room in this living room.  I had been holding out to find the perfect chairs, rug, tables, etc, but in January I broke down and told Nick that I don't really care what we buy.  We just need to buy something.

Let the record show that I did not want a big house.  My ideal  house is approximately 2200 square feet of well-designed space.  My husband, on the other hand, thinks that's tiny.  Obviously he won this round.  Seriously though, how could I deny him?  The man needs some Lebensraum.  Probably because he lives with four females.  That probably has something to do with it.  :)

A little more seating is just what we needed.
That and a larger rug.

This girl loves the camera.
It's like a moth to a flame.

Annie is in love with these chairs.

Probably not the best vantage point for watching Monkey George, but Teensa really wanted to sit in "her chair."

There are still a couple of things that haven't been delivered, lots of travel art that still needs to be framed, and tons of little details here and there, but it's a good start.  

The hard part is not going overboard.  One thing that has really surprised me about moving home is how FULL American houses are.  So. much. stuff.  I want my house to be functional, liveable (three kids!), and well thought out, but I'm never going to go for all the things that need to be just so.  I don't want to live inside a magazine, but I don't want to live in an echo chamber either.

I just couldn't stand the echo, ya'll.  It was killing me.

My littlest girl is in a big girl bed.
Cue the tears!

Sweet girl is sooooooo excited about her big girl bed.  And I'm happy to report that she slept soundly in her first night.  Her bedding should arrive any day and I can't wait for "Penny" to see it.

January 25, 2016

A Peek at Our Week: Jan 11 - 24

I love any week that begins with my three ladies at home!  Our MLK Monday was fabulous.  We might not have discussed racial injustice and Dr Martin Luther King, Jr . . . but we got to pet a real live hedgehog!  Any day that involves actual hedgehogs (or "hetchhocks" if you're Annie) is a very good day indeed.

Future TU alumna.

Suzie the Hedgehog!
Annie is still convinced his name is Eddie.

Kate and Ella tolerated a photo with the big hedgehog.
Annie said, "I do not want that hetchhock to come to my house."

On Tuesday my kids wanted me to take photos of them before school.  They were in a posing mood, as evidenced by the photos below.

The many faces of Miss Ella Mae.

Kate the Great.

You never go out of style.

On Thursday I had a lunch date with my long time friend and college roommate.  Annie put away an entire spicy salmon roll while Jordan and I laughed and chatted.

I love how this kid devours sushi!  :)

We'd had an awesome lunch when Annie said she needed to peepee.  Which is great and all, but Annie is still terrified of big potties.  Public bathrooms don't typically comes equipped with an Elmo training potty, which means Annie has to hold it until we get home.  She has been doing a great job of staying dry when we're out, so on this day I kept her in panties instead of a pull-up.  Big mistake.  Huge.  

Annie stood up in her chair and let it flow.  I was completely paralyzed.  Jordan (who doesn't have kids) said, "Oh my gosh!  What do we do now, Mom?"  And I had no idea.  I've never had a kid urinate all over themselves in public.  I used my napkin to wipe down the chair, Jordan used her napkin to wipe down the floor, and Annie marched out of the restaurant leaving a URINE FOOTPRINT every time she put her left foot on the ground.  I was mortified.

I do not love how this kid wet her pants in the restaurant.
And leaves behind her urine footprints.  :(

After I cleaned Annie up (and by "cleaned up" I mean I took her leggings and panties off...I was unprepared because she hasn't had an accident in WEEKS) I strapped her into her car seat (bare bum) and went back into the restaurant to apologize.  They were super nice about it, but you know that my kid and her urine trail was discussed by the wait staff.  Ugh.

Friday funday was kindle time for the big girls and puzzle time for Annie.  We watched Cinderella and ate pizza in front of the TV.  What a fun night in with my ladies and my Prince Charming.

Annie's puzzle skillz are prodigious.
(Kate's class got to wear pajamas to school that day.)

Saturday morning magic.
Coffee, cat, and 2 out of three kids.

Saturday lunch at the pub.

At Antoinette's for PIE!

The sisters play Go Fish after church.

When I turned back to the counter, Elsa was in on the supper making action.
Always good to have a sous chef.

Kate enjoys her blueberry macaron.

Raspberry macaron for Ella Mae!

Uncle Nathan texted us as he was flying over Tulsa on Sunday night.
He's up there somewhere!

Altogether an amazing lazy weekend with the PJ5.  We spent the vast majority of our time snuggling, eating, laughing, and looking at all our friends' pictures of the biggest snow event in MD/DC history.  The girls may or may not have asked me multiple times why we moved to Oklahoma instead of Maryland.  I promised them four seasons and we've yet to have a real snow here in Green Country.  There's still time, right?!  I need a snow day (or five) with my ladies!

There is seriously nothing on earth that I love more that quality time with these peeps.  My heart is full!