October 10, 2016

A Peek at Our Week: October 3 - 9

Now that our family standard is stupid, crazy busy, I have to make a conscious effort to focus on people, places, and events that are outside of our normal hectic schedule.

In addition to the norm for us this week, we had a blast seeing old friends and celebrating birthdays. We went on a trip to the zoo with friends, celebrated National Left Handers' Day, enjoyed Grandpa's birthday with the Beatles (sort of), had lunch with a dear old friend, and celebrated Annie's third birthday with our family.

What a great week!

Appropriate footwear for the zoo?
Annie thinks so.

Annie and Evie enjoy the elephants.

All this space in our house and they wind up watching television in the office/guest bedroom.

Supporting our school with a lunch from Cane's!

Grace photobombed this pic.
Look at that tongue!!!

National Left Handers' Day with my little leftie!

When you're turning sixty-four, you go watch the Fab Four!

I thought going to watch a Beatles tribute band was going to be a bit lame.
This was amazing!
Almost as good as our trip to Liverpool.  Almost.

Lunch with Jerry, my former physics professor and dear friend.

Last pic of the two-year-old's face.

First things first when you're three.

Cal helps Annie open her gifts.

When you're the littlest cousin,  you get a lot of attention! 

Our girls get American Girl dolls on their third birthdays.
Emily Anne meets Elizabeth Kit.

Aunt Teene makes the Rainbow Cake!

Teense gives it a taste test.
Trying on her glass slippers.
They fit Annie perfectly, but I look like one of the stepsisters.
Brennan, Kate, Price, Ella, and Callen celebrate Annie!

She's ready to blow out her candles!


Callen can't wait to get a piece.

Family photos in the park!

She didn't.

Yummy drinks at Chimera after the shoot.

I think it's appropriate that our sneak peek features Annie at three years and one day old!

October 3, 2016

A Peek at Our Week: September 26 - October 2

It was my birthday week!  And what a week it was!

Sushi with Annie.
I'm picky about my sushi, ya'll, and my local Walmart makes a KILLER spicy salmon roll.
Annie prefers salmon, avocado, and cream cheese.
She ate every bite of her roll.  No lie.

Annie insists on wearing her "rainbow bracelet" on her wrist almost every day.
They are hair elastics.
And don't forget the indigo or Annie will never let you live it down.

Annie's favorite Halloween movie.
Curious George BOO Fest!

Do you find apples that look like this laying around your house?

"Working" hard at Coldwell Banker while the ladies have lunch.

Quick birthday dinner at Mary's.

September birthday girls!

Our Tulsa Girls Math Circle open house was on my birthday,
so Nick and I celebrated afterward with macarons and bubbles we'd been saving from Gloria Ferrer.

Antique shopping on Thursday!

Teense thought this surprise would make her big sisters laugh.
She was correct.

Night owl.

A very lame Saturday morning children's event at Barnes and Noble.

You can always count on Harry Potter.
My little Hufflepuff has a go with the Sorting Hat.

Steakburgers for lunch!

Hugging or choking?  You be the judge.

Our church had their annual pet blessing on Sunday!
We didn't bring Grace and Mattie because we didn't know how it would go down,
but we'll definitely take them next year.

Even though our weeknights were jam-packed, I still feel that I got to see my sweet family a lot.  Or perhaps the fact that we were pulled in a million different directions made me more present when we were all actually together.  Either way, it was a good (albeit busy) week.

September 26, 2016

A Peek at Our Week: September 19 - 25

First thing on Monday, Annie and I drove to my hometown for a quick visit.  My Grandma Noma Mae (aka Granny P) had to have emergency surgery over the weekend, and I wanted to spend some time with her during her recovery.  Grandma is almost 97, so recovering from major surgery will not be quick or easy.  To be honest, none of us are sure how much time the lovely lady has left.  All I know is that I want to see her as often as possible.

Having lunch before we go to the hospital.
Annie shared a princess sticker with Granny P.

The rest of this week is just a blur of taking care of all the things that require my time and attention.  Grad school, PTA, household drugery, etc.

Then on Friday morning we did our usual volunteer bit at school in the morning and headed to the lake in the afternoon.

PAWS-ing for a Break.
It's hard when you have to be at school for 5 hours straight.

Our view at the lake!

They loved it!

Teense was a little fish!

Watching the sunset and searching for arrowheads!

Playground at Sequoyah State Park!

Stopped for a sec on the trails at the park.
This pic reminded me of something...

Except Plitvice was amazing and Sequoyah was okay at best.
I miss living in Europe.
Every. Single. Day.

Lunch at the Lodge with this little lady.
Staying hydrated after a very thirst walk on the fossil trail!

Home again, home again.

I'm not much of a lake person, but this was a much needed chilled out weekend for my family.  The cabin was basic, but it met our needs.  We enjoyed the natural beauty and enjoyed a few days with no demands on our time or screens for our eyes.  It's fun to have our little family in such close quarters with no distractions.