June 20, 2016

A Peek at Our Week: June 13 - 19

This week I noticed that summer weekday outings and activities are super fun, but not particularly photogenic.  We're all constantly in motion (blurry) or sitting and reading together (boring).  Our hands are almost always covered in dirt or water or paint or playdoh.  And the older our kids get, the less I like to have them stand for posed photos.  

If all the stars align and I actually have clean hands and a camera handy while they are doing something noteworthy, I'll get a pic.  But more often than not I take a video.  Because at this age their words and their actions are just as precious as their faces.  Consequently I have dozens of videos each week and only about 30 photos.  Pickings are slim.  So slim that one of my "pics" for this week is actually a frame from a video.  Our records are crummy, but they're better than nothing.  

I'm recording.  

I'm remembering.  

I will do everything in my power to hang on to these sweet summers home with my three ladies.

Starting the week off right with a visit to the largest used book store in Oklahoma.

Annie was in awe of the red Hulk.

Headed to the pool on Tuesday.
My hands are always wet at the pool because Annie is a maniac and regularly gets in over her head.  Literally.
But before the pool is fair game.
These girls are taking pics with their "cameras" while I take a pic of them with my phone.
How meta.  :)

Dinner at "the bub" with Nana and Grandpa as they pass through Tulsa on the way home from Kentucky.

Wedesnday morning at my house.
Why are my kids obsessed with making paper clothes??

Hung out with this guy on Wednesday evening.

Marisabel and I both got signed copies of his most recent book!

A little Thursday morning gardening with my biggest lady.

She's truly EllaMaezing.

Friday morning playdate at the splash pad.

Annie loves showers, so she had a blast.
My goggles-wearing big girls had a little trouble with water in their eyes.

Fatther's Day!

We take Dad's Day seriously around here.

Kisses from his ladies.

Gardeners, gardening, used books, signed books, swimming pool, splash pad, and Father's Day with the best daddy on earth.

It was a good week.

June 13, 2016

A Peek at Our Week: June 6 - 12

This week my summer classes began in earnest and I spent a lot of time on school-related work.  It sounds completely crazy, but my girls -- ages 8, 7, and 2 -- were incredibly helpful while I was knee deep in young adult library resources and action research projects.  The bigs did chores and helped me with a few small school assignments, the little played nicely and acted like such a big girl.    

Although there was a lot of work going on, there was plenty of time for fun too.  We had a drop-in rendezvous with Nana and Grandpa as they were en route to Kentucky.  We went to Chickasha and watched Price play coach pitch and Brennan play t-ball.  We had an awesome lunch thanks to Coke and their "Huge Me" machine.  We swam every day except one.  

Summer is so awesome, ya'll.  I never want it to end.

Working on a project for school.
Annie is right there "helping."  :)

This was the worst part of our week.
So overall, not too bad.

Quick hug from Grandpa!

Brief cuddle from Nana!

With two of my favorite Chickasha peeps!

Headed to the ball fields with Uncle Ty.
Annie loves this dude soooooo much.
Every time the song "Animal" comes on the radio, she shrieks "Uncle Ty has this on his phone!"

Just sitting in the bleachers with my sister.
Staying hydrated with spirit water.

Nice hit, Price Owen!

When your cousin is a bad-to-the-bone baller.

Watching Brennan crush it off the tee.

Annie and Cal found entertainment off the field.

Kara watched my kids while I spent the day on campus for class.

While we were away, Nick had too much time on his hands.
Faceswapping your cat is SCARY.

My big girls wanted to earn some pocket money, so we worked out a chore chart.
I cannot tell you how helpful this is for me.
They are AMAZING!!!

This is the day of the Coke hug at Subway.
It was so cool!
My girls keep saying, "Remember that day we went to Subway and got free Coke?!"
Marketing genius, Coca-Cola.

Evening pool time with Daddo.

Sister slumber party.
I will never get tired of watching my babies sleep.

The entry to our church got an update.
So peaceful.

Sunday morning photo with my church ladies.

I love these times with my girls at home (or in Chickasha).

Summer is so much fun!

June 6, 2016

A Peek at Our Week: May 30 - June 5

We kicked off our week with a Magnificent Mo-mo Monday!

I cannot believe this girl is SEVEN.

We saved one present for her actual birthday morning.
She's ready to rip into it!

Roller blades!  That's still a thing, right?!

Apparently it is still cool to blade.
Even when you're watching tv.

For breakfast Kate wanted Belgian waffles.

For lunch, Amy's enchiladas.

And Long John Silver's for supper.
She's a high class kiddo.

Dessert at Cheesecake Factory.

Sweet seven year old.

After the rain cleared off, we went to the pool.
Kate's birthday wishes were all granted.
I love the simple requests of a seven-year-old!

On Tuesday Nick and I celebrated 13 years of wedded bliss.  So happy I get to do life with this guy.

My hubs, my dog, and a glass of prosecco.
Life is good!

This week was cool and rainy.  In June.  Apparently I only THOUGHT we moved away from England.  Thankfully we are well accustomed to occupying ourselves indoors on rainy days.

We built forts.

So cozy in their den.

We at popsicles on the patio.

While this girl napped...

...this girl destroyed us in a fierce Monopoly battle.
Just call her Mo-mo Moneybags.

We ran errands.

And we met Nick for lunch on his first half day Friday!

Diner ladies.

On Friday Kate hosted her kid party!

Five of Kate's classmates came over for pizza, cupcakes, and a slumber party.  We followed the format of Ella's seventh birthday party exactly.  I was worried that Kate chose a slumber party because she couldn't think of anything else, but she genuinely wanted her friends to come over and stay the night.  That's a-okay by me.  Slumber parties are easy for mamas!

The party crew.  Wowsa!

After the Friday night slumber party fest, our weekend was very chilled out.  Nick treated me to an afternoon at the spa on Saturday and then on Sunday we skipped church and swam all day.  It was our first day of the summer that the sun shone all day long, so we celebrated poolside.

Saturday spa day!

At the pool on Sunday at noon.

Nick and Teensa on the "jelly donut."

Sweet seven year old!

Ella took a break and read her book.
Surprise, surprise.

Afternoon relaxation in the back yard.

This week I feel like summer has OFFICIALLY begun.  

So excited to spend more time on the patio and at the pool with my ladies!