August 4, 2009

Pee Pee Princess

About four months ago Ella started getting really interested in the potty. She wanted to know what I did while "Mommy on the potty" and made lots of comments about my actions while I was in the bathroom. "Mommy takin' off Mommy's diaper...Mommy sittin' down on potty...Ella hearin' Mommy's pee pee...Mommy gonna clean her bottom" and so on. (BTW, it's a LITTLE bit strange to hear a play-by-play of your visit to the bathroom, especially when it's conducted in a precious little toddler voice.) Soon after she noticed the potty, Ella started telling us when she had a wet or dirty diaper. And then she started informing us that she was about to make a wet or dirty diaper.

So there I was. Nine months pregnant with a little girl who was beginning to show interest in using the toilet. We didn't have a child's potty. We didn't have panties or pull-ups. We were still moving in and getting settled. We were about to have another baby. NOT an ideal time to make an attempt to potty train, friends.

So we did what any supportive, encouraging, independence-fostering parents would do...we ignored it. :)

But it didn't go away. Three months later, Ella is still all about the potty. While we are still not ready to go whole-hog and potty train, we did buy Ella an Elmo potty and some Disney princess panties. (Why not try it, you ask? If Ella tells me that she needs to use the potty minutes after I sit down to nurse Kate, we would have a mess on our hands. I want to set her up for success, and I don't think I can do that right now. So we're talking about the potty, we're just not pushing it yet.)

Ella really likes the Elmo potty, but she LOVES her princess panties. So the other day while Kate was napping, I decided to clean the bathroom and Ella asked to wear her princess panties. I thought it would be a good time for her to wear them for a bit. So she sat on the potty, tried to pee pee (no dice), and then walked around in her panties while she played. I was right there and it would only be for 30 minutes or so. Hardly even enough time for an accident to happen, right? Wrong.

While I was cleaning the shower, I noticed that the sound of Ella playing (this girl talks to herself constantly...don't know where she got that...) had disappeared. I walked into the hallway to find Ella putting her bear in Kate's bouncy seat...and squatting in a puddle of liquid.

Aubrey: Ella, did you pee pee, honey?
Ella: No Mommy.
Aubrey: Sweetie, it's okay if you have to pee pee, but you need to tell Mommy so we can sit on the Elmo potty.
Ella: Yeah Mommy.
Aubrey: [cleaning up the urine on the floor, attempting to use firm tone to address panties-only daughter] Ella Mae, pee pee goes in the potty. In the Elmo potty. Not on the floor. You have to tell Mommy so we can go to the potty, because the potty is where the pee pee goes. [pause] Ella, where does the pee pee go?
Ella: [pointing, very serious] On the floor right there by Mommy.

If you could keep a straight face through that, you're a better parent than me. :)

pee pee princess


  1. Those baby legs do look good on her, especially with those panties! The story was so cute. For the record, Brode is almost 3 and still in and out with the potty routine. Some days are good others are bad. It's a shame boys don't seem to care much about cool underwear.

  2. Aubrey...I think you are doing the right thing. Zachary was all about the potty where I was not really ready for him to be potty trained. After about 2 months of ignoring him..he decided he was going to do it with or without me on board. Basically he potty trained himself. So since April he has been potty trained with only two accidents..knock on wood. My theory is they will do it when they are ready. Good luck. Ella is so cute in the baby legs!